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Izzy & Lola

Izzy & Lola is our take on the modern bohemian style that has taken the fashion industry by storm. With fabrics that are comfortable and sexy and designs that feature embroidery and lace, Izzy & Lola will be your go to brand for chic bohemian fashion.

In 2012, BuddyLove Clothing Label was founded with this mission: create a collection of beautifully crafted pieces with a focus on bold signature prints, impeccable design and flawless fit for an effortless take on womens contemporary clothing.

Headquartered in the heart of the Dallas Design District, The BuddyLove Showroom is where it all started.  With over a decade of showroom sales, working with designers from all over the world and strong support from boutique owners around the country, BuddyLove Clothing Label was born.

Founders Grayson DiFonzo and her husband Buddy, draw inspiration from their love of travel, family, craftsmanship and design, to curate a mix of clothing with the real woman in mind.  With a touch of Southern flare and a carefree aesthetic, they have created a destination for women in every facet of life. This inspired them to design a full expression of the brand through their four lines: BuddyLove, BuddyLove Basics, Smell the Roses and Izzy & Lola.

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